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The Epoch is a dual speed, multi-purpose machine designed to meet the many demands of wood floor sanding. Used on low speed, the machine can be used as a traditional buffer for intercoat abrasion, fine finishing, and polishing, or stain application. Used on high speed with the HydraSand, the Epoch acts as a planetary sander, abrading and flattening floors. Removable weights allow for various levels of adjustment.


  • Heavy-duty 60 amp DC rectified motor to provide more low-end torque.
  • Dual speed capability for use with various grits, wood types, and job site conditions.
  • Adjustable 25b weight kit allows for adjustments in sanding aggressiveness.
  • Bright, flexible LED light for improved visibility.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Dust control ready.
  • Durable canvas, low profile skirt contains dust and allows close access to wall lines.


Epoch Manual



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1 review for American Sanders Epoch Buffer

  1. Andy Sellers

    For small areas an long hallways where using a Hummel isn’t possible this bad boy is a beast! I used to Palm sand everywhere an edger was used until I got this! Now this behemoth takes the Chatter marks an edger swirls out! Only downside is it will leave scratch marks when using 60, 50,40, or 36. Grit! So it’s not possible to skip grits which can be costly! the light that it has is nice but I use a Milwaukee cordless M18 magnetic light along with it! Using this machine has increased productivity an it’s paid for itself within 3 months!

    • Lydia Vazquez

      Thank you so much for the informational comment! It is greatly appreciated. We appreciate every one of our customers, and hope to do business with you in the future.

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