Primatech EDGE 900A Nailer


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The Primatech EDGE 900A nailer is a true game changer. Invented and manufactured by Primatech, this exclusive and unique nailer will blind nail as close as 2” to the end wall, at 45° with the same holding power as the field. The 900A adjustable base nailer is designed for the installation of 1/2’’ to ¾’’ (12mm to 19mm) Solid hardwood floors : Domestic and Exotic species. Can also nail engineered flooring constructed with a solid core.


Must use Edge cleats with this nailer.
Do not use standard 18 gauge cleats or it will jam and break the driver blade. 

You can purchase the Edge cleats here:

Primatech 18 Gauge 1-3/4″ EDGE L-Cleat Nails


– Spend less time on your knees

– reduce installation time

– minimize future call backs

– blind nail the last rows at the same 45° as the field

– put an end to scuffing, damaging, patching and painting walls





3/4″ (19mm) factory set

Ajustable for 1/2″ to 3/4″




1 review for Primatech EDGE 900A Nailer

  1. John Westphal

    Great addition to my primatech collection, saves time and effort to get the last rows nailed. I swear by primatech over all the others, I’ve been installing floors for over 30 years

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