Plan ahead: Have your products delivered to your door step



Busy season can be a challenging time of the year. Learning how to budget your time wisely and utilizing your resources correctly will prevent snags to save you time and money. At Ubro Floor, we are always looking for ways to make your job easier. As you know, hardwood needs to acclimate for at least 72 hours at the job site to get proper humidity levels. Plan ahead to have the wood delivered ahead along with all other materials to make installation as smooth as possible.

We will ship products and wood anywhere in the country. Most of our products are in stock and if you don’t happen to see it on the website just give us a call.

Ever come up short on materials during a job? We use Uber or rideshare to do local delivery (usually within the hour) for emergencies with a small fee.

Also offered here at Ubro Floor is a weekly local delivery service with no additional cost to you! We will drop off products, repaired tools and even pickup tools needed to be fixed. This can save you an extra trip! Just call or text us and we will add you to our weekly call reminder list. At the moment, these deliveries are in a limited Seattle area but we are looking to expand to other areas!

Should you need parts for your machine, take the guesswork out of what exact ones you need with our diagrams. We have most floor machine parts breakdown lists available.  We can even text you the schematics.

Save time and money by doing your research and asking questions, your local product reps are a great resource. Vendors are also extremely knowledgeable resources when it comes to product specifics, from application to shelf life to flooring miscellaneous.  We encourage you to ask us questions, if we can’t answer them we will get you in touch with someone that can. With knowledgeable staff and vendor partners we will insure that you have all the tools you need for a smooth and easy job.

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