Primatech Q550ALR 18 Gauge Nailer with Roller Base


The Q550ALR is the same tool as the Q550AL with the addition of the PrimSurfer roller base.  The PrimSurfer fulfills the need for increased Speed and Precision in large surface as well as residential flooring jobs. Its two-way fluid sideshift extends the natural hand movement and matches the agility of the installer, allowing a constant, comfortable posture that prevents “top nailing”. Not having to lift the tool repeatedly eases off the feeling of tension in the user’s arm and back. PrimSurfer also provides a substantial gain in time and installed surface, which translates into more benefits for the contractor. First to develop and perfect this groundbreaking addition, Primatech keeps improving it with a new generation composite and lighter carrier frame for its adjustable EXPERT series flooring tools.


Main features of the Q550ALR Version

The Q550ALR version features a fully adjustable baseplate providing 3 distinctive advantages:

  1. Assembled with A866 PrimeSurfer roller base
  2. Short nose and compact valve design provide an all around striking surface, enabling the nailing of more boards closer to the end walls.
  3. No shims required. The built-in adjuster eliminates the use of shims to match the board thickness.


Unrivaled characteristics

  • Can be actuated from any angle
  • Light mallet impact will set nail perfectly
  • No recoil
  • Simplified maintenance
  • 3/8’’ to 3/4” (10 to 19mm) flooring
  • Dual action and total precision adjustable baseplate


Q550 Data Sheet
Q550 Manual
Q550 Parts
Adjusting the Roller Base for Hardwood Thickness
Primatech Troubleshooting
Primatech Warranty




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